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AFL In Ireland

Australian Rules Football, it is said, started as far back as 1858. Initially, it was more of an exercise to keep cricket players in shape during the off-season. However, over time, its success spread and soon the game was popular amongst local clubs in other countries as well.

The passion for Australian Rules Football in Ireland started to gain traction in 2000 when the ARFLI came into existence. A similar trend is now visible in the USA. When sports channels started to highlight different games from around the world, cities with predominant Irish heritage, like Boston, took an interest in Aussie football. Within Ireland, the game, closing in on two decades, is as popular today as it was when it first came to light.


It was only after the Dublin Demons, in early 2000, took part in a London footy competition, and came in third, that Irish authorities took note of Australian football. They were quick on their feet, encouraging teams to join, and by the end of the year, on their way to hold the first premiership tournament. On an international level, the Irish national team was all set to play in London against Canada, Denmark, USA, and Great Britain in a five nations cup in 2001. It was also in 2001 that the national team won the Atlantic Alliance Cup.

Leeside Lions

The Leeside Lions deserve a special mention for being the most successful team in the ARFLI. They started their journey in October 2000, but it wasn’t till 2001 when they first started to play in tournaments. However, in their very first competition, they were able to top the tables, only to lose in the finals to the Dublin Demons, the current champions at the time. Since then, the Leeside Lions have gone on to win the Premiership a total of six times and reached the finals four more times.


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Over the years, there have been lots of coming and goings in terms of the teams playing Australian football in Ireland. At present, there are six men's clubs and two women's club who take part in local tournaments. However, teams such as the Dublin Eagles and Midwest Magpies had name changes along the way, and play as the Dublin Swans and Galway Magpies now. Moreover, Midland Tigers and Dublin Saints merged in 2011 to form the Kangaroos which was soon renamed the North Leinster Giants


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